AP World History

2020 Exam info

Exam information

  • The exam will be 45 minutes long.

  • It will consist of 1 DBQ with 5 documents. 

  • It will Thursday, May 21st at 2PM

  • The test will be taken at home.

  • You can use any device or hand write it.

  • Here is a link to Mr. Heimler's explanation of this year's exam.

  • and a link to his explanation of writing a DBQ for this exam

  • Breaking down the DBQ for 2020 (watch each time before you attempt a practice DBQ

Here is a great condensed review 

AP Board 2020 Coronavirus webpage (best place to see specific information)

AP Board test day checklist

AP Board youtube channel  (some have not been recorded yet. The date is in the description)

AP Board letter to parents

AP Board student-parent letter

AP Board Covid-19 update

How to write a thesis statement

How to get the contextualization point

How to get better at interpreting documents