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F. C. Spinks

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Who am I? First, the basics. I am a fifty-six year old male living in Stockbridge, Ga. I have a wife of 33 years and 29 year old identical twin girls. I am the product of a wide variety of circumstances and events. Teaching is my second career but I am still a student myself. Click on any picture to be taken to more information. References are at the bottom of the Cultures page


Origins I was on the road before I was even born. My father and mother met in Germany in the late 1950's. He was in the Army. She was the daughter of a German soldier who had been killed in WW2. They were married in 1962. In 1963 my mother was 8 months pregnant with me when they were transferred back to the US. The flight went off without incident and I was born a month later in Atlanta, GA. 

Moving A childhood of moving started before I was 3 months old. Because of the Korean and Vietnam Wars my father was frequently overseas. Before I was school aged we lived in Germany with my mother's family. I learned German along with English. Once I started school we remained stateside and lived in Oklahoma (multiple times,) Arkansas, Texas, Alabama, Washington State, Florida and Georgia. Between kindergarten and 12th grade I changed schools 13 times. After retiring, my father settled us in Stockbridge, Ga. 


College and adulthood

After graduating from high school I attended the University of Georgia. In 1986 I graduated with a degree in Exercise Physiology. Perhaps more importantly, I met Cathy Jackson. In 1987 we married and in 1989 we had identical twin daughters. I spent 10 years selling real estate in my father's company. However, in 1996 I decided to go into teaching and started as an elementary PE teacher. I caught the coaching bug and in 2005 I became the head coach of the cross country team at Eagle's Landing High School. I soon took over the track team and eventually became the Athletic Director.  After 15 years my focus changed and I decided to focus on teaching Social Studies and I retired from coaching. 

Career (s)

After graduating from college I worked in our family real estate company. 9 years later I decided to go into teaching and began teaching elementary PE at a local school. After 6 years I had the chance to coach at Eagle's Landing High School. I became the head cross country coach and an asst. track coach. The following year I became head track coach as well. Another year later I became the Athletic Director and began teaching at the high school. After 15 years of coaching, with 5 as Athletic Director, I stepped down to focus on teaching. By this time I had begun teaching various Social Studies classes. This link to my personal web page has a summary of my coaching career. 


The Future

Retirement is only a few years away. The planning has begun in earnest. My wife and I have plans to travel over the next several years.; while we are young and healthy enough to do so. The ultimate goal is a lake house where our children and grand children can visit. 

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