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Helpful AP World History Modern Links
The AP Board Website (set up your acct) - this is a great place to learn about the  test
Freemandpedia - one of the best AP World Resources
AP Worldapedia - another great resource
What is AP World History - a great description of the course
Khan Academy AP World History - great site! 
Analyzing Primary Sources
The 5 Themes of AP World History - 
Sites to help you with Coach Spinks AP World History class
Taking Notes
Note Taking video
Cornell Notes Website
WP World History Video Sites
Crash Course History Videos
Writing Links
Writing a Thesis Statement Video
Writing a DBQ Video                
Freeman's slides on DBQs
SAQ Information -
The 5 Themes of AP World History - 

Why Cornell Notes? Studies show Cornell notes students must synthesize and apply information vs simple recall 

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